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Send Fun Cards – with Jerry from Send Out Cards!

Send out cards with

I am a big believer in appreciation marketing and great customer service. Good businesses become great businesses when they apply good customer service and appreciation to their customers or clients. I have joined the Send Out Cards team to help small business deliver great customer appreciation, one card at a time.

This inexpensive, all online, easy to use tool, allows you to click and create any kind of card you can imagine, enter the details of who you want it sent to and hit submit. It’s that easy. No printing, no stamps, no trips to the post office, it’s all done for you and sent with a local stamp.

Imagine to be able to make customised thank you cards (with your logo or own pictures in the card), or appointment reminders, car servicing reminders, vouchers for future visits. The ideas are endless!

Trial Send Out Cards with your first month free!

Like to use the product for free for your first month? Sign up as a $39 (USD) preferred customer, and you will get your first month for FREE. You can change to a $9.80 account or cancel at any time, but once you realise the power of this amazing appreciation tool, and the money it can bring into your business and save your business, $39 (USD) per month, to make contact with up to 50-100 clients per month, is a no-brainer. Plus as a bonus from The CARM Group – I offer a complimentary template for your business to use, be it a customised front cover, or a special offer inside, I will help you get set up to start thanking your customers as soon as possible.

To try a card and stamps for FREE on me, Click here and press the MENU button to send a free card. Otherwise contact us to get your first 90 days free. 

Card designs.

See my some of my card designs here and please follow The CARM Group on  Facebook at
To find out more about this offer please use the form below.

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