Nurture Queen Videos

Hi and welcome to the home of Jerry Penny, The Nurture Queen, aka Nurutre Queen Videos.

I am Jerry, and I have been working in small business marketing for almost 20 years, and it is my passion to help small businesses succeed and help out in the areas where they just don’t have the time or the expertise. From small to large jobs, and even jobs charged by the minute, I offer an affordable option for small businesses wanting to outsource to someone who they can trust.

Whether you need help with your social media management and content, online communications, business start-up, marketing strategy and collateral, then this is your one stop shop.

The CARM Group

Jerry is in the process of re-branding and renaming, and to keep up with the demand and expanding my business, I have now rebranded as The CARM Group. Read more about how Customer Appreciation & Relationship Marketing can help your business grow from a “meh brand” to a “beloved brand” and how you can grow your profits by just by appreciating your current customers.


Relationship Marketing & Customer Service Strategy Session

Does your small business need a relationship/appreciation marketing strategy session? Like to know how to improve what you are doing, and ideas on where to add to? Starting at $197 for a one-on-one consultation I will sit with you at your business, or a convenient location and discuss with you what strategies you already have in place and where you could improve on communication with your customers, then provide you with a 6-12 month plan of attack in Customer Service and Relationship Marketing, then we will tackle the next 6-12 months. If customers are the life line of your business, then this audit could be the way to go. Book in for one today, as spots for these audits are limited. Ongoing monthly packages of support are also available, prices on request.

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